Experienced Professional Help For Seniors Struggling With Tax Debt

If you or someone you love is a senior carrying the burden of tax debt or other unresolved tax problem, you know these matters don't solve themselves....in fact, things usually get worse.

Consider these consequences that hit seniors especially hard

  • IRS collectors can garnish social security or other retirement checks and execute levies against savings or other bank accounts
  •  Executable tax liens can be placed against family homes
  • Loss of much cherished independence and becoming a burden on children or loved ones
  • Not being able to pass things of value to others as was always dreamed about

time can be of the essence

While it can be difficult to face tax problems, the truth is that the longer you wait, the fewer options you may have.  

As A CPA...

PArt of my practice is devoted to helping seniors tax debt in several areas

When you get a letter that you owe 

Before you send money or agree to payment, you need information and guidance about what you really owe and the best way to handle it.

When you get a letter about an exam

IRS exams can be difficult, time consuming and result in big tax bills, interest and penalties.  Don't face the IRS alone.

After they take action against you

You can usually appeal IRS decisions before they take effect.  But the time limits can be short.  Contact my office before they do anything.

Someone says to file bankruptcy

STOP! Not all tax debt is dischargeable in bankruptcy.  So, you may not get the benefit you hope for. Let's make sure you can really benefit from this big step.

My 3 Part Professional Promise To You

These promises represent values that are important to me in working with my clients.  They have been formed over years of working experience and each of them represents something that I felt was important when I was a client.


You will be listened to, understood and your concerns will be taken seriously.


You will be communicated with often so you understand what is going on and where you stand.


You will understand what is done on your behalf and why the solution I  suggest is best for your situation. 

I combine a proven 3-step process with aggressive advocacy to help you put tax problems behind you and get your life back


As you CPA, I obtain your tax records from the government and perform a comprehensive multi-year analysis.  Then we meet and discuss the reality of your tax problem.    


Frankly, many times the amount that the IRS says you owe is not accurate.  Due to missing or incorrect returns, they may be pursuing you for an amount that is not really what you owe.  Everything needs to be correct before I propose a resolution.


After analysis, I'll arrive at a resolution to your tax problem that is most beneficial to you.  And what's more, I'll walk through alternatives so you are certain that what I propose is in your best interest. 

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