Let's be honest - your tax problem isn't going go away all by itself....

  Otherwise it would have by now.

As A CPA, I can help you with almost any tax problem

Do you have one or more of these complex issues?

Unfiled Back Taxes

If you don't file taxes, the IRS can do it for you and you'll usually wind up owing more than you should.  Let's get you up-to-date and correct.

Payroll Tax Issues

Probably the easiest way for a business to get into IRS trouble is thru payroll taxes.  The IRS is serious and can bring criminal charges against you. 

Levies & Garnishments

If the IRS has started collection action on you it’s time to get representation! The good news is once you hire me, the IRS has to speak with me first. 

Tax Debt

There are many ways to handle tax debt, but only one is right for you.  I work in all 50 states and  specialize in all of the IRS tax debt relief programs!

Audit Representation

This year, expect to see a huge increase in IRS audits. Don't go it alone - have me on your side to fight for your rights. 

Innocent Spouse

Are you being harmed by the tax problems of your spouse or ex-spouse?  I know all the options and programs you protect you from their actions.

Tax Liens

Liens are a powerful enforcement tool and can limit your financial options.  They are tricky to resolve correctly. Lets talk about the best solution for you. 

Officer Compensation

The IRS routinely challenges compensation paid by your business.  I help businesses in trouble and also help them stay out of trouble.

These are some of the programs that can be used to put your tax problem behind you and get your life back.  I'll investigate each to advise what is best for you...

Offer in Compromise

The OIC is the “Let’s Make A Deal” program that allows you settle your entire debt for less than you owe. 

Penalty Abatement

You may be eligible for one of 2 types of penalty abatement and not even know it.  Let's review your case today.

Partial Pay Agreement

This program might allow you to pay off your entire debt over time for less than you actually owe.

Installment Agreement

I'll negotiate a plan to pay your debt off at an amount that you can actually afford based on your current situation.  

Innocent Spouse

It's unjust to make you pay for your spouse's tax misconduct.  This program may allow you the relief you deserve.


I can work with an attorney to make sure the maximum amount of tax debt is wiped out after you file.

The Roadmap to Resolution

This is the PROVEN process used to find "the truth" about your tax problem and get to your best resolution.


Research  your tax history to understand the real problem, plus look for opportunities that may be present.


Address any delinquencies or incorrect items to arrive at what your really owe, so we can work from "the truth". 


From "the truth", we will find the best resolution to your tax problem and put it into action.

Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to take that first step - but you'll be glad you did